Automotive IT


The automotive industry is pairing with electronics and the IT industry more and more to provide devices that go into the dashboard of the car that can include radios, GPS, rearview cameras, as well as security systems, WiFi, all the connecting lights and sound system. The importance of programmers, testers and product engineers cannot go without notice.



Manufacturing companies need their product to be made the right way the first time and ready for heavy use. We frequently work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who develop projects that have not been put to market yet.

This cutting edge technology needs a wide variety of skillsets on their team, which we have ready and available.


DATAMTX presents cutting edge technology to the Automotive Industry in our ability to provide Information and Entertainment (Infotainment) software and hardware tested and ready for market. We have Embedded Systems Training programs in the United States, mainly Georgia and Michigan, and other locations including Germany, China, Korea, and Japan.

Test Technicians
Test Engineers
System Engineers
Embedded Engineers
Project Analysts
Technical Writers
Design Release Engineers (DRE's) N-BUS/GA-NET/GMLAN Specialists
Change Management Tool Experts
Network Administrators
Database Architects & Administrators
Software Coders